Kvah Logotyp

Each August KVAH holds a festival in Allhelgonakyrkan. For four days we offer mixed programs around some theme. A dozen musicians perform in shifting combinations. This year our focus was to be "Beethoven Variations".

Then Corona happened. To carry out the excellent program that Bengt Forsberg had arranged and agreed with his musician friends became impossible. To shrink it did not attract us either, with the reduced audience and earnings that might be possible. So our 250 year celebration of Beethoven must be a 251 year jubilee next year instead. We waited a long time to reach that conclusion, but now with less than two months remaining we are compelled to do so.

But music is needed, not least in these times. We hope you discovered us on YouTube!? In August our two concerts there will be joined by some additions. They will of course be accessible even in a corona-free future. But why don'tyou arrange a do-it-your-self Allhelgonakyrkan festival at home? We'll launch our new concerts on the days we had hoped to meet at the church: 5-8 August. Advance information to our members, and Bengt comments during the concerts, will help convey the feeling we normally would enjoy at the church. More information will come!

Nils-Göran Olve