Kvah Logotyp

Like most organizers, we have sadly had to cancel our concerts this spring. Often we only have about 100 visitors, so from what we understand we could have them without breaking any regulations but many in our audience are 70+ and are encouraged to avoid meetings like these. Rather than tempt someone to risk his or her health, and since the crisis can get worse, we choose to cancel the few concerts in question. Our concert in May and the member evening before it were also intended to be a guest performance from England, which is now impossible because of travel restrictions.

To our musicians and to our audience we emphasize that it is about deferred concerts, not canceled. We have more flexibility than the big organizers who are already starting to send out detailed programs for the next season. So expect that the concerts we are now deleting will be rescheduled next season! And before that we have our festival Beethoven Variations August 5-8. The planning of it continues, in the hope that the virus situation will then allow us to resume our operations. To come back then will be even more fun after such a long break, so book the dates if you have not already done so!

We will also occasionally set up information on the website and in emails to our members with news of our planning, and maybe even tips on "KVAH music" via other channels.

Nils-Göran Olve