Kvah Logotyp

All Swedish concert organizers are now impatiently waiting for restrictions to be lifted, so that we again will be able to receive more than 50 persons at our events. Allhelgonakyrkan holds about 200 and our concerts normally attract between 70 and 130 visitors, so there is room to maintain a practice of distance. Our chamber repertoire also makes it easy for the musicians to keep a proper distance between each other, and to the nearest audience members.
With only 40 or 50 visitors every concert makes a loss, and even if we and the Katerina congregation could handle this we and the artists would mourn the fact that our excellent programmes would reach so few. Digital transmissions require resources that we can mobilize only in exceptional cases, as for our web festival which still can be reached through KVAHplay. We expect to offer the concerts that we were forced to cancel at later dates, when restrictions have been lifted. Then it will also be more reasonable to suggest that people travel on public transit to reach us, and stay to enjoy the company of friends over a coffee during breaks – as we all long to do. This also makes us wait, rather than offer smaller concerts now, maybe without interval and drinks. We do expect the situation to become more normal soon – so let us wait yet another month…

A month has past since I wrote the previous paragraphs and the good news is that the concert on October 10 did take place in front of a small appreciative audience. The next concert, on November 7, is also expected to take place; you will find the program and participants here. Then it will be December 26th before we can be together again in Allhelgonakyrkan. We hope to be able to give the concerts we have had to cancel at some time in the future, and the spring program has become even fuller. But that presupposes that we will be able to have significantly more visitors again!

Nils-Göran Olve, chairman