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There's another review with praise for the Bis CD we wrote on in April.


The new review is here

Link to details for the concert January 28, 2017.

The blog in April:
Another recording made in Allhelgonakyrkan by Bengt and friends is praised.

On www.musicweb-international.com for April 4, you will find a notice about Catoire's and Friedman's piano quintets, recorded at a KVAH concert January 28, 2017, Bengt Forsberg and some of his closest musical friends and now released as cd and sacd on BIS-2314 - see bis.se. The reviewer is well acquainted with previous recordings of these unusual composers' works, but does not really comment on the performances. However, he summarizes:

"It’s all done to the highest musical standard by Bis. - Ready to extend your repertoire of high tension late-romantic piano quintets? If so, this will please and broaden your cultural horizons."

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