Kvah Logotyp

Even a small concert organizer like KVAH has had to spend a lot of time and worry on re-planning this spring and summer. Our latest "live" concert was on February 15th. Since then, we have canceled eight concerts: one every month in the spring and five during the festival in August. But actually we consider them merely postponed, and together with the concerts this autumn and spring that we had already started planning when the virus struck, 2020/21 looks to be an unusually full and attractive season. If it takes place, or, more accurately, the parts of it that can be implemented.
We plan to start on September 12 with an exciting selection of songs. But is it possible? Is it appropriate and artistically satisfying, with the restrictions that are likely to remain? What does Katarina parish say?
If we are forced or choose to postpone that concert, the amount of exciting programs that we hope to provide in the future will grow further. A friend likened it to plowing snow: when the pile in front grows, it gets heavier and heavier, and you are forced to let something fall to the side.
Of course, it is most unfortunate for the artists, especially those who work freelance and lose financially and career-wise on this. The big discussion about what it means for them and for future music life, I can not go into here. But feel free to also give thought to all theaters and concert halls that are now struggling with constant re-planning. It is also about preparing productions, arranging logistics and putting puzzles together with other organizers who are also re-planning. And to compromise, as when writing about the orchestral movement or choosing other works to sparse the musicians.
We avoid those problems, for the most part. Thankfully, Bengt Forsberg and his friends enjoy playing in Allhelgonakyrkan so much that we are usually able to find the occasional Saturday evening to fit into their schedules. We promise to do our best but check via this website about what is actually happening. The September concerts are the ones least secure. Enjoy the YouTube concerts via Play while we wait for more normal times!

Nils-Göran Olve, chairman