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What does a small, voluntary and non-profit concert organizer do when it is prevented from giving concerts?
Since March we, like everyone else, have closed down our public activities. We aren't even able to hold meetings in our role as a members’ organisation. And yet not one day passes when I as its chairman don't send or receive emails. Our members have received more letters from me than usual, but in addition to several technology-based board meetings this is what has happened:

  • Two web concerts with Bengt Forsberg and Tobias Ringborg were recorded and are available for viewing on YouTube, see under Play!
  • Planning of activities for the summer and autumn continue, although of course we do not know what will be possible to carry out – see under Events!
  • Several times per week we receive gifts of money from kind members as support, which we gratefully acknowledge.
  • Hopeful musicians from far and near contact us with proposals.

I answer almost all, but sometimes it’s apparent that we just are one address among many and that the sender has not bothered to find out who we are. We almost never can cover the cost of inviting foreign guests, and so that violinist in California, the piano trio in Kazakhstan, the alphornist in Austria and the flamenco dancers from Spain all get a polite no for an answer…
So I and the rest of our board do feel needed even during these times. But above all we look forward to a time when we all will be able to experience that which motivates what we do: live concerts in Allhelgonakyrkan!

Nils-Göran Olve, chairman