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Our Festival 2020 is moved to 2021

The concerts around the theme Beethoven-variations which were planned for August 5–8 have been moved to 2021. Instead we increased the number of concerts on our YouTube channel and we hope that many people visited us there.

Fall 2020

Of course, our concerts this fall are still uncertain but we have planned a more comprehensive program than usual to compensate to some extent for our quiet spring. Here are the dates we have set.

10 oktober. Bengt Forsberg, Cecilia Zilliacus and Kati Raitinen: Beethoven (b 1770): Archduke trio; Bo Linde (d 1970): Sonata a tre (piano trio nr 2); Lotta Wennäkoski (b 1970): trio and possible a piece by Ruth Almén (b 1870)
7 november. The twice deferred concert with Kristina Winiarski and Pontus Carron: Beethoven Variations over "Bei Männern....", Schnittke Cello sonata nr 1, Rachmaninoff Cello sonata
14 november. Staffan Mårtensson, Susanna Stern, Bengt Forsberg and others. The program is being planned
5 december. Christmas concert. Anne Sofie von Otter, Olle Persson, Margareta Bengtson, Gregory Lloyd and Bengt Forsberg
26 december. Bengt Forsberg och Kati Raitinen spelar sonater av Rita Strohl, Henriette Boesmans and Maria Bach

A children's concert will be announced for this fall when we have found a suitable day for it.



Concerts from this year and back to 2015