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Tickets : Ordinary 200 SEK, KVAH member 150 SEK,

Tickets in accordance with current restrictions are sold approximately two weeks before the concert date via ticketmaster.se (which charges a service fee).
Seats are unreserved but in accordance with current restrictions, we assign places in the church where for the time being every other pew is unoccupied and certain places in each pew are closed. We adjust the number of places sold to the current rules, and may release more places during the sales period if the restrictions change.

If there are any of the relatively few seats left on the day of the concert, they will be sold at the entrance.

For the festival 26-29 August the ticket prices above apply for individual concerts with these additions

  • At the concert on 28 August at 20.30 , each ticket costs 150 SEK for regular and 120 SEK for member plus Ticketmaster's fee.
  • Festival passes to all five concerts are sold at a significantly discounted price. At Ticketmaster you will find it as a separate "product" at a price of 700 SEK (regular) and 550 SEK (member), plus Ticketmaster's fee.

We have been offering free admission for visitors under 26 for a long time. As long as the pandemic limits the permitted number of visitors, however, this only applies in the unlikely case that there are vacancies within the restrictions that apply just before the concert.