Kvah Logotyp

Text in English

1. Keinen hat es noch gereut

No man yet has rued
Mounting his steed
In the first flush of youth
To fly through the world.
Mountains and meadows,

Lonely forest,
Maidens and ladies
Resplendent in robes,
Golden jewellery,
All that is beautiful charms him.

Strange visions
Flit past,
Passionate desire
Burns in the heady emotions of youth.

Fame strews roses
Swiftly in his path,
Love and caresses,
Laurel and roses
Lead him higher and ever higher.

Joys surround him,
Enemies envy the hero,
Even as they fall,
Then he modestly chooses
The maiden who pleases him most.

And back he rides,
Leaving mountains and fields
And lonely forests behind.
His parents weep,
Their longing, ah! now ended—
Dearest delight unites them all.

When years have passed,
He recounts all to his son
As they sit close together,
And shows his scars,
The reward of valour.
Thus old age itself stays young,
A ray of sunshine in the twilight.

2. Traun! Bogen und Pfeil

In truth! bow and arrow
Are fit for the foe,
The wretched will always weep;
A noble soul will flourish
Wherever the sun shines,
The cliffs are steep,
But fortune is his friend.

3. Sind es Schmerzen, sind es Freuden?

Are these sorrows, are these joys
That steal through my heart?
All my old desires depart,
A thousand new flowers blossom.

Through the twilight of my tears
I can see distant suns—
What yearning! What longing!
Dare I? Shall I draw near?

Ah! and when my tears fall,
There is darkness all around me;
Yet if no desires return,
The future is void of hope.

So beat then, ambitious heart,
So flow then, tears, down my cheek,
Ah! pleasure is but deeper pain,
Life a dark grave.

Must I suffer
Without deserving?
How is it that in my dreams
All my thoughts
Drift up and down!
I hardly recognize myself.

Oh hear me, kindly stars,
Oh hear me, greening meadow,
Hear, O Love, my sacred vow;
If I remain far from her,
I shall gladly die.
Ah! only in the light of her eyes
Dwell life and hope and happiness!

4. Liebe kam aus fernen Landen

Love came from far-off lands
And no one followed her,
And the goddess beckoned me,
Binding me in sweet bonds.

Then I began to feel pain,
Tears dimmed my eyes:
‘Ah! what is love’s happiness’,
I lamented, ‘why this dallying?’

‘Far and wide no man I’ve found’,
Said the vision lovingly,
‘Now you shall feel the force
That once bound heart to heart.’

All my desires flew
Into the blue realm of breezes,
Fame seemed but a morning dream,
The sound of ocean waves.

Ah! who shall now loosen my chains?
For my arms are fettered,
Sorrows swarm all around me;
Will no one, no one rescue me?

Dare I look into the mirror
That hope holds up before me?
Ah! how deceptive is the world!
No, I cannot trust it.

And yet, do not allow
Your sole source of strength to falter,
If your only love does not love you,
For the sick only bitter death remains.

5. So willst du des Armen?

So you’ll kindly pity
A poor man?
Is it, then, no dream?
How the streams ripple,
How the waves resound,
How the tree rustles!

I lay imprisoned
Deep within fearful walls,
Now daylight greets me;
How the sunbeams flicker!
They dazzle and colour
My timid face.

And shall I believe it?
Will no one rob me
Of this precious illusion?
Yet dreams disappear,
Only loving is living:
A welcome path!

How free, how serene!
Hasten now, no further,
Discard your pilgrim’s staff!
You have conquered,
You have found
The most blissful place of all!

6. Wie soll ich die Freude?

How then shall I bear the joy
And how the bliss?
So that, beneath the pulsing
Of my heart, my soul will not escape?

And should the hours
Of love now vanish,
Why crave
In a dreary desert
To prolong a life devoid of pleasure,
When flowers no longer bloom on the shore?

How time passes on leaden feet,
Step by deliberate step!
And when I must leave,
How feather-light its tread then flits!

Beat, O powerful longing,
Deep in my faithful heart!
Like the lute’s dying strains,
The sweetest pleasures of life fade.
Ah, how soon
Till I’m scarcely aware of such bliss

Flow onward, ever onward,
Deep river of time,
You soon turn tomorrow into today,
You move from place to place;
Since you have carried me thus far,
Now cheerful, now silent,
I shall venture further,
Come what may

For I must not count myself wretched,
Since my beloved beckons me,
Love shall never let me languish,
Until this life is done!
No, the river grows ever broader,
The sky for me stays ever clear,
With happy strokes I row on down,
Bring love and life together to the grave.

7. War es dir?

Was it for you these lips quivered,
For you, that sweetly proffered kiss?
Can earthly life give such joy?
Ah! how light and radiance floated
before my eyes,
All my senses yearned for those lips!

In those clear eyes gleamed
A longing that tenderly beckoned me,
Everything echoed in my heart,
I lowered my gaze,
And the breezes resounded with songs of love!

Like twin stars
Her eyes shone, her cheeks
Cradled her golden hair,
Her looks and smiles took
Wing, and her sweet words
Awoke deepest longing:
O kiss, how your red lips burned!
There I died, and first found life in sweetest death.

8. Wir müssen uns trennen

We must part,
Beloved lute,
It is time to race
Toward the distant, longed-for goal.

I set out for battle,
For spoils,
And with my booty,
I’ll speed back home

In the reddish glow
I’ll escape with her,
This lance shall protect us,
And this steel armour.

Come, dear weapons,
Often donned in sport,
Protect now my happiness
On this new path!

I’ll hurl myself into the waves,
I’ll welcome their glorious surge,
Many have been dragged under,
The bold swimmer remains on the surface.

Ha! What pleasure
To shed noble blood!
To protect joy,
My treasured possession!
To suffer no scorn,
Who lacks courage for that?

Slacken your reins,
Happy night!
Spread your wings,
So that over distant hills
Dawn shall soon smile on us!

9. Ruhe, Süssliebchen

Rest, my sweetheart, in the shadow
Of this green, fading night;
The grass rustles on the meadows,
The shadow fans and cools you,
And faithful love keeps watch.
Sleep, go to sleep,
The grove rustles more gently now,
I am yours for evermore.

Hush, you hidden songsters,
And do not disturb her sweetest rest!
The thronging birds listen,
The noisy songs are stilled,
Close your eyes, my love.
Sleep, go to sleep,
In the fading light
I shall watch over you.

Murmur on, you melodies,
Babble on, quiet brook,
Fair fantasies of love
Speak in those melodies,
Tender dreams float after them.
Through the whispering grove
Golden bees are swarming
And humming you to sleep.

10. Verzweiflung So tönet denn, schäumende Wellen

Resound, then, foaming waves,
And coil yourselves around me!
Let misfortune rage loud around me,
And let the cruel sea roar!

I scoff at the raging gales,
Scorn the fury of the flood,
If only rocks would dash me to pieces!
For I shall never thrive.

I shall not complain, though I now founder,
And perish in watery depths!
Nevermore shall my gaze be cheered
By the sight of my love’s star.

So thunder down the mountainside,
And rage at me, you storms,
So that rock shatters on rock!
I am a lost man.

11. Wie schnell verschwindet

How soon they vanish,
Radiance and light,
Morning finds
The garland withered

That yesterday glowed
In such splendour,
For its flowers faded
In dark night.

The wave of life
Rolls onwards,
Though bright its hue,
It profits nothing.

The sun sets,
The red glow departs,
The shadows rise
And darkness draws on:

So love drifts away
Into deserts,
Ah! would it endure
Until the grave!

But we awake
To deep torment:
The boat is wrecked,
The light extinguished,

We are borne far away
From our beautiful land
To a desolate shore,
Surrounded by night.

12. Muss es eine Trennung geben?

Must there be a parting
That breaks the faithful heart?
No, I cannot call this living,
Dying is not so bitter.

When I hear a shepherd’s pipe,
I suffer endless anguish,
When I see the setting sun,
I think ardently of you.

Does true love then not exist?
Must there be pain and parting?
Had I remained unloved,
I should still have a gleam of hope

But this must now be my lament:
Where is hope but in the grave?
I must bear my grief far away,
Secretly my heart is breaking.

13. Sulima Geliebter, wo zaudert

Where, my love, do you tarry
And stray?
The nightingale tells
Of longing and kisses.

The trees whisper
In golden light,
Dreams steal in
Through my window.

Ah! do you know the yearning
Of a pounding heart?
This musing and striving
Full of torment and joy?

Give wings to your haste
And rescue me,
Under cover of night
We’ll steal away.

The sails are swelling,
Your fear is but vain:
There beyond the waves
Is your fatherland.

My homeland recedes,
So let it go!
The power of love
Draws me on.

Listen! How seductively
The waves ring out,
They bound and leap
Playfully around us,

And why should they grieve?
They are summoning you!
They know they are taking
Love from here.

14. Wie froh und frisch

How briskly and brightly my spirits soar,
All fear is left behind,
My heart strives with fresh courage,
Fresh longing awakes.

The stars are mirrored in the sea,
And the waves gleam with gold.
I ran reeling this way and that,
And was neither bad nor good.

But doubts and misgivings
Are now laid low;
Oh, carry me, you pitching waves,
To the homeland I’ve long desired.

In the dear, darkening distance
The songs of home are calling,
From every star
She gazes gently down.

Be calmed, O trusty waves,
Lead me along distant paths
To the much-loved threshold,
To happiness at last!

15. Treue Liebe dauert lange

True love abides,
Outlives many an hour,
And no doubts can make it fearful,
Its courage is always steadfast and sound.

Though death and disaster threaten,
Encouraging inconstancy
As they throng together—Love pits
Loyal blood against such perils.

And whatever held the spirit captive
Then recedes like mist,
And the wide world opens its doors
To the cheerful gaze of spring.

Is achieved,
Is compelled by love,
Those hours,
They fly away;
And blissful delight
The ecstatic breast that throbs with delight,
May it part
From sorrow
For ever,
And never
Fade, this lovely, blissful, heavenly delight!