Kvah Logotyp

From 1 June it is again possible to give concerts, but for now audiences are limited to a small number. Because of this only KVAH members will be allowed to buy tickets. First out is an open rehearsal with string quartets led by Cecilia Zilliacus, and an evening of songs that you can find a link to on this page. We do hope that larger audiences will be allowed for our next concert, which will be a solo recital by pianist Bengt Forsberg on 31 July. We may even be able to receive non-members on that occasion. And we expect that our festival - five concerts in four days on 26-29 August - will be open to an even greater number of visitors! More information will be provided on this website, and in direct emails to those who have elected to be KVAH members.

Link to the evening of song Heimlich-zur nacht