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Allhelgonakyrkans interiör

The Christmas concert in Allhelgonakyrkan will be held this year on December 7 - a Saturday at 6 pm like almost all our concerts.

This year Anne Sofie von Otter is our celebrated guest. She has been with us many times - not so odd since her long-standing music partner Bengt Forsberg has been our artistic leader for almost as long as they have collaborated. For our second vocal soloist we have Olle Persson. He was with us also at last year's Christmas concert. He and Hanna Husáhr, who was the second soloist, spontaneously said that it was one of the nicest Christmas concerts they had performed in. The church itself may be one reason - like a small wooden church in the countryside but in the middle of town. We wanted him back as our Christmas guest as quickly as possible and already this year we managed to organise a repeat.

Most songs will be different from those last year - "most", because there are some traditional ones in the Christmas repertoire that have to be included. The balance between known and unknown elements is now one of the subjects for long discussions between one of my colleagues on the board and the artists. This year in addition to the soloists there is a vocal quartet, Anne Sofie's son on electric guitar, of course Bengt Forsberg on piano, with Gregory Lloyd from our parent congregation Katarina on organ. We are striving to provide just the mix you and I wish. Some of the songs you have probably not heard before, but among Christmas wishes there should also be surprises!

This year we have adapted to the congregation's custom that tickets should be available for purchase in advance. Why not secure a seat by buying on the net already now? Click here and choose the number and type of ticket. This is actually the first time we offer this opportunity. It is still possible to buy tickets at the church one hour before the concert but only if there are tickets left!

I hope our Christmas mix will appeal to you - and that we'll see you there!

Nils-Göran Olve, Chairman KVAH