Kvah Logotyp

Like all organizers of concerts we are impatiently waiting for the time when we are able again to offer public concerts, although we realize that restrictions on audience numbers and distanced seating may be in force initially. Bengt Forsberg and his colleagues long to perform for you, but when I write this it seems unlikely to happen before the very end of May. We are more hopeful for June and July, and we may then announce one or more concerts at short notice. If so, we will first contact those musicians whose programmes were advertised and then cancelled during the past year. Such concerts number about half a dozen, and we may still be able to offer several among them before summer.
You are likely to hear through news media when the current restrictions on “public gatherings” are lifted or softened, and those who are starved for concerts should then consult the KVAH website. If you are a member you will receive an email as soon as we have decided on dates and programmes. More extensive advertising may not be possible or needed, particularly if we are allowed to receive only 50 or 80 visitors in Allhelgonakyrkan – even though it holds more than 200!
In July there may also be some concerts and later we do expect to hold our annual festival which this year is intended for 26–29 August. Our plans for this are based on the festival programme that we were not able to carry out in 2020 and which celebrated Ludwig van Beethoven. He is always worth a jubilee and was born so late in the year that it is almost right to include him among those we celebrate in 2021. There are several such composers, for instance Stenhammar and Saint-Saëns who will also be played in Allhelgonakyrkan in August. More information will be found on this website and also in member emails. As soon as it is feasible we will also invite members to musical gatherings, first of all to compensate that this year’s annual assembly could not include Bengt’s customary music quiz and a social get-together.

Nils-Göran Olve, chairman