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We were proud and happy when Elin Rombo agreed to participate in KVAH's Christmas concert. She has participated with us before, so we know that she and Bengt Forsberg have an easy time "finding each other" musically. Elin has had central roles in several of the Royal Opera's more unexpected productions in recent years: Happy Widow, King Roger, Primadonna and Candide, so we were also sure that many longed to experience her in a different context.

We were even happier when we learned very close to the concert that a surprise awaited: Elin had been awarded Svenska Dagbladet's opera prize for 2021, and it would be awarded at our concert!
The award is well deserved, not least because in a time of wandering opera artists, Elin has chosen to spend much of her career here at home. The Stockholm Opera's searchable archive lists 238 performances over almost nineteen years. (To find the earliest, you have to search for Elin Carlsson.) In the spring, however, you need to go to Malmö to experience her in two new roles: Puccini's Sister Angelica and Iris in Catharina Backman's newly written On the Other Side of the Sea - two operas played together under the title The Sisters

Of course we hope to attract Elin back in the future!
Nils-Göran Olve