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Allhelgonakyrkans interiör

Last year KVAH for the first time presented a bouquet of digital concerts over Youtube. It was an appreciated if somewhat thin compensation for the ten or so live concerts we announced and then had to cancel or postpone. Now our live concerts have resumed, as yet on a small scale. But two of the artists in last year's digital productions found they wanted to record more, and so they are back with a new concert captured in Allhelgonakyrkan on 1 June: Nils-Erik Sparf and Bengt Rorsberg. On their programme this time is Brahms's third violin sonata, or more properly his sonata "for pianoforte and violin" (in that order!) no. 3 op. 108. It can be reached via the Play menu at the top of this web page, or by entering youtube.com and searching for "Allhelgonakyrkan KVAH". We hope to present the same duo in Brahms's complete works for violin and piano some time this autumn.

Nils-Göran Olve