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That the Swedish pandemic restrictions are to be discarded next week was a very timely decision for us. It means that on 2 October we will be able to greet the large audience that Christina Grigoryant’s Rachmaninov programme deserves. It will be followed by five more concerts this autumn – see under Events. Tickets will be sold by ticketmaster.se during at least three weeks prior to each concert and in the church one hour before. Even though covid rules will be lifted we advise our visitors to buy tickets in advance to avoid crowding in the church foyer and to maintain distance when entering and leaving. The church can seat a considerably larger number of visitors than we usually have, so try to spread out in the church. No one should have to refrain from this autumn’s musical experiences – sitting still in an audience where almost all have received vaccine must be one of the least risky things to do now!

Nils-Göran Olve, chairman for KVAH