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Beethoven and many others


Bengt Forsberg and friends

The Festival for 2020 will now finally appear

Note: Tickets will be sold via TicketMaster, tentatively three weeks before the festival begins. The covid restrictions mean that the audience size allowed is still unclear. If it is still very limited, members may be given priority, but we do not know yet. There is a discount per concert of 50 SEK so membership can also be financially adventageous.

As in previous years, we intend to offer a festival pass that includes all five concerts. When buying tickets, it may be worth looking for this opportunity.

26/8 kl 18: Festival start with song, cello sonatas and a piano trio

Jakob Högström, baritone, Kati Raitinen, cello, Tobias Ringborg, violin och Bengt Forsberg, piano
Stenhammar: from Sensommarnätter plus two songs
Joseph Wölfl: Cello sonata
Beethoven: Cello sonata op. 102:1 and Piano trio op. 70:2

27/8 kl 18: Mostly piano – solo and two-piano

Jakob Högström, baritone; Bengt Forsberg and Martin Sturfält, piano
• Stenhammar: from Sensommarnätter plus two songs
• Beethoven: Sonata op 31:3 och Bagateller op. 119
• Saint-Saëns and Reger: Variations over Beethoven themes – both for two pianos

28/8 kl 18: Stenhammar and one of his contemporaries – no Beethoven

Jakob Högström, baritone, Paul Waltman and Tobias Ringborg, violin, Ylvali Zilliacus, viola, Kati Raitinen, cello, and Bengt Forsberg, piano
Note: this is the first of two concerts this evening!
• Stenhammar: from Sensommarnätter; two songs; Violin sonata
• Paul Juon: Sextett

28/8 kl 20.30: Bengt Forsberg solo

Bengt Forsberg, piano
Note: this is the second of two concerts this evening!
• Stenhammar: en Sensommarnatt
• Robert Schumann: Beethoven etydes
• Beethoven: Diabelli variations

29/8 kl 14: Festival final with Beethoven plus Stenhammar

Arvid Eriksson, baritone, Ludvig Nilsson and Bengt Forsberg, piano, Cecilia Zilliacus, violin,Kati Raitinen, cello plus Ylvali Zilliacus-McTigert, viola, Walter McTigert, double bass, Martino Moruzzi, clarinet, Alma Heinemann, horn, Jonathan Bauer, bassoon
• Beethoven: ”An die ferne Geliebte” and folk songs
• (ev.) Stenhammar in an arrangement for 2 cellos and piano
• Beethoven: Septett