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Alfvén, Scriabin, Vaughan Williams, Juon, Alnæs, Raff


Chris Parkes, Gregory Lloyd, Mats Lidström, Leif Lidström, Jakob Högström, Bengt Forsberg, Ylvali Zilliacus, Kati Raitinen and Tobias Ringborg

All the composers whose anniversaries we celebrate in our festival wrote popular smaller works, which rarely fit into the concert programs nowadays. We pick a late summer bouquet where you can hear singing, French horn, organ and of course piano in different combinations. Tonight, five of our six celebrants are included - also Paul Juon (1872–1940) who will end this year's last festival concert. A seventh also looks in briefly: Eyvind Alnæs (1872–1932). This concert is longer than usual, with two pauses.

• Alfvén: Notturno elegiaco for horn and organ. Chris Parkes and Gregory Lloyd
• Scriabin: arrangement for cello and piano by Mats Lidström, who performs them together with Leif Kaner-Lidström
• Alfvén: three songs, including O, you stood in the cold wind. Jakob Högström and Bengt Forsberg
• Alnæs: two songs. Jakob Högström and Bengt Forsberg
• Vaughan Williams: Six studies in English folk song. Ylvali Zilliacus and Leif Kaner-Lidström
• Juon: from Trio Miniatures. Cecilia Zilliacus, Kati Raitinen and Bengt Forsberg
• Alfvén: Romans. Tobias Ringborg and Bengt Forsberg
• Raff: Cavatina. Tobias Ringborg and Bengt Forsberg
• (possibly :) Juon: from the Tanz Rhythms for piano four-hands. Leif Kaner-Lidström and Bengt Forsberg
• Alfvén: Midsummer vigil for piano four-hands. Bengt Forsberg and Leif Kaner-Lidström