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Bengt Forsberg (piano), Cecilia Zilliacus (violin), Kati Raitinen (cello) and Peter Friis Johansson (piano) plan to record works by the cosmopolitan Marcelle de Manzarly and want to perform them for an audience first. With Nadia Boulanger as teacher and Igor Stravinsky's wife Vera as a close friend, she wrote music for almost the entire 20th century. She herself said that imagination was more important than one or the other direction of music. What echoes do you find from her three countries Ukraine, France and the USA? We think she is an independent voice that should be discovered!

Marcelle de Manziarly - who was that? In 2019, KVAH had a festival that we called Leading Ladies. The concerts included Manziarly's Piano Trio. She lived between 1899 and 1989. As a young woman she left the Ukraine of her childhood to study in Paris, and eventually she ended up like so many with roots in Tsarist Russia in America. Her long life ended in California. By then she had performed both as a pianist and conductor, but above all she was a composer.
The piano trio aroused the interest of many at our festival, and Bengt Forsberg has found a fewof additional works that will now be recorded on CD. As part of the preparations for that, we get to be present when Bengt and his playmates explore this, for most of us, completely unknown and neglected composer. Music almost no one has heard! The open rehearsal before this recording will be this concert - will we then impatiently look forward to the CD?

Listen to a recording of Manziarlys piano trio by Bengt, Cecilia and Kati here


Violin sonata
Nocturn for violin and piano
Trilogue for piano trio
Dialogue for cello and piano
Piano trio in F-sharp minor