21 January 18.00 Cello and piano in Swedish

The violoncello is often called the instrument that most resembles the human voice. If that is true, we now get the chance to hear a cello speak Swedish during an entire concert! Chrichan Larssonsearched inspiration early on from masters like Rostropovich and from contemporary composers in Sweden and abroad – he himself also writes music. With Bengt Forsberghe will now play Swedish music from around 1900 until more recently, for instance Ture Rangström’s ”poem” Ver Sacrum and Gunnar de Frumerie’s almost forgotten first cello sonata – both early works only seldom heard.


Among other works:

Rangström: Ver Sacrum (1908; also the birth year of de Frumeries)

Wirén: Sonatin no 1

de Frumerie: Cello sonata no 1

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