20230422 Fairytales

Fairytales is a program inspired by Elsa Beskow’s wonderful fairytales. Her stories and illustrations lies like a common thread thought out the program. Through reading of her fairy tales and by the choices of songs, the audience can enjoy an entire evening in Elsa Beskow’s enchanting fairytales.

The program is divided into five sections, each one representing a fairytale: Flower’s Festival, The Curious Perch, Putte’s Adventures in Blueberry Land, The Journey to the Land Long Ago and The Sun Egg. In each section the listener gets immersed into an exciting story, enriched by Elsa’s original illustrations. These texts and pictures are accompanied by selected songs and piano pieces that match the storyline. We will hear music by Alfvén, Grieg, Sibelius, Schubert, Mozart, Stenhammar and Peterson-Berger among others.

Video presentation in English

Nordic light duo – Josefine Andersson and Daniel Beskow began their collaboration seven years ago and formed the duo Nordic-light duo.

Both share the same glowing love for the Nordic / European song treasure.

Their vision is to make the songs more accessible to an audience with the aid of a personal presentation and great musicality. They are now touring Scandinavia with various concert programs, with great success. During these seven years, the duo have had over 100 concerts together and tour around Scandinavia with a number of appreciated concert series. And received support from both “Kulturrådet” and the Helge Axelsson Foundation. And had the honor of having lessons with the famous Anne Sofie von Otter and Bengt Forsberg.

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